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  • From 29 June 2012 company directors can be held personally liable for a company’s unpaid PAYG and SGT payment obligations, even if they weren’t directors at the time the liability was incurred.

  • It is important to get the form and content of a statutory declaration correct so that it is properly effective and to avoid the risk of criminal charges.

  • If your terms of trade do not accommodate the new competition and consumer law or the personal property securities law, then you may be exposed to unnecessary legal and financial risk.

  • A high level of debt can destroy a business. What do you need to know before commencing legal action in the court system?

  • According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over half of start-up businesses and small businesses have not taken any steps to protect their intellectual property.  Without protection there is a greatly increased risk that a competitor may take their brand or product idea. Here are 4 common errors made by businesses in relation to their IP and how to avoid them. Safeguard your Brand Name It is not enough to register a business or company name with the ASIC.  Even if you have been trading for many years, it can be very difficult to establish any common law rights to a name. The only real way to own and protect […]

  • Many businesses create material over which copyright exists, eg, software, newsletters, graphic designs. However, the law relating to copyright is not well understood.

  • A quick “heads up” on a few of the changes the new financial year has brought.

  • “Material breach” is not a term with an established legal meaning. The developing case law may indicate that using this phrase in a contract may lead to uncertainty.

  • What is a Will? What is a testamentary trust? Why should you obtain a testamentary trust?