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  • A recent decision demonstates that even a needy applicant won’t necessarily succeed in a claim for a greater share from a deceased estate.

  • Unhappy with the performance of a party to a contract? You might have the right to get out of it.

  • The James Hardie litigation has demonstrated the dangers of being too casual about board meetings. The Events and Court Decision The board of directors of James Hardie Industries Ltd held a meeting in 2001 which approved a draft ASX announcement.  The US directors had attended the meeting by telephone and hadn’t seen the draft ASX announcement. That announcement was later held to be misleading. ASIC issued court proceedings against the Australian and American directors.  The court held that the US directors has breach their statutory duties of care and diligence by failing to request a copy of the draft announcement or abstaining from the vote when they realised the meeting […]

  • What are the rights of a gay person in WA if they are left out of their partner’s Will? Can they do anything about it?