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  • Legal Advice Perth Whether you’re buying or selling property in Perth WA or owed money by a WA landowner, it’s important to know about caveats. You’re Purchasing Property The standard REIWA contract for residential property purchases gives the purchaser rights to terminate the contract or claim penalty interest in the event that the vendor is not able to settle on the due date. In certain circumstances, a purchaser may be able to commence Supreme Court action to have the caveat removed. But do you really want the hassle and delay of a land sale in limbo or court or legal proceedings? A land title search will disclose the presence of […]

  • Is your business positioned to sell for the best price or resist unexpected disaster?

  • Is is okay to photograph public art? Will you get into legal trouble if you take shots at an art exhibition?

  • Good estate planning saves money and problems and so makes things easier for your family and friends.

  • Wide ranging changes to the way businesses may collect and use personal information come into effect in March 2014, together with increased enforcement powers for the Privacy Commissioner.