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  • When buying a house with a friend or partner, we usually consider price, location and other amenities. But how the house is owned is very important from an asset planning and succession point of view. Kinds of Co-Ownership When property is owned by more than one person, those persons can own the land as “joint tenants” or as “tenants in common”. Which you choose should make no difference to how you live in and use your home, but is crucial to determining what happens to the property upon the death of any of the co-owners. Joint Tenancy Owning property as joint tenants means that each person owns the whole of […]

  • The Corporations Act provides that a person is entitled to assume that a document has been properly executed by a company if it has been signed by the appropriate company officers (eg, 2 directors, director and secretary or sole director). The Facts The ANZ Bank provided facilities to a group of companies including Frenmast Pty Ltd.  As a part of this the ANZ obtained a guarantee from Frenmast in relation to the loans it had made to one of the other companies and to one of the directors of Frenmast, Robert Tiricovski. The guarantee appeared to have been executed by Frenmast because it bore the signatures of Robert Tiricovski and […]

  • If you own assets outside of WA or Australia, you may need to do some extra estate planning.