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  • Why a Will? Estate planning isn’t the nicest of subjects.  So many people put it off, that the WA Public Trustee estimates that over 50% of us haven’t made a valid Will. Dying without a Will can create chaos for your loved ones.  In addition to grief, they have to deal with complex paperwork relating to intestacy, uncertainties regarding inheritance laws and the difference of what the law says and what the deceased would have wanted to happen. It is common for intestate estates to cause conflict, which can lead to years of legal dispute and money wasted on lawyers’ fees. Even worse, if you die without a Will and […]

  • Recent events show that businesses need to tread very carefully when using online reviews and testimonials. Menulog “Cash for No Comment” Menulog recently came under fire for offering customers cash vouchers and free meals in exchange for removing negative reviews of restaurants from its website. Menulog is a popular website offering online ordering of food from over 3,500 restaurants across Australia (and some 191 restaurants in Perth, WA) and the ability to rate restaurants and search for the highest rated. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that a number of customers had been contacted by Menulog, or even the reviewed restaurants and offered incentives for removing negative reviews. ACCC prosecution of […]

  • The increasing use of electronic systems and cloud-based technology for communications and the transmission of information has significant implications which many businesses are yet to fully realise. Cloud Services Put simply, “the cloud” is simply another way of using the internet.  Cloud services (such as Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive) allow users to save information on the service provider’s remote servers, so that the information can be accessed using any computer in any location and also shared with other users. Conveyor & General Engineering Pty Ltd v Basetec Services Pty Ltd [2014] QSC 30 On 23 August 2013 Basetec Services sent an email to the lawyers for Conveyor & General […]