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  •   It is a good idea to understand some fundamentals of the way a contract works, even if you engage a lawyer to draft or review the document. 1.  Correct Parties The contract should record the correct entities which are engaging in the contract.  A business name is not sufficient – use the name of the entity which owns the business name.  If someone is signing the contract on behalf a company or trust, then that should be recorded in the contract. 2.  Purpose of the Contract It is important to record the reason why the contract is being made and what each party expects to achieve from the contract.  […]

  • Carolyn Margaret Hickin v Robyn Patricia Carroll & Ors Recently the NSW Supreme Court confirmed as valid a clause in a Will which required his children to convert to Catholicism if they wished to inherit. Brief Facts The deceased man and his wife separated in 1959.  Subsequently, the wife and their four children became Jehovah’s Witnesses.  The deceased strongly objected to this. In December 2011 the deceased made a Will which gave part of his estate to his children, but only if they attended his funeral and were baptised in the Catholic Church within 3 months of his death. The adult children all attended the testator’s funeral but did not […]