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Why Oldfield Legal?

  • I’m sure you can see we’re qualified and experienced lawyers but there’s more to winning legal battles than just that.

    We’re real people and we care about justice and being fair and we’ll fight vigorously defending your rights and gaining fair settlements, it’s about passion, pride and doing what’s right, that’s what makes us different, we really care.

    Choosing a lawyer is a difficult decision and how do you know if they are any good? Most people start with a one off appointment to discuss their situation and find out their options in many cases this is all they need to solve they issues.

    It’s a small price to pay and you’ll feel so much better after you have taken action and know your rights.

    • About Nova Oldfield

      Nova_lawyer_fremantleNova was admitted to practise law in WA in 1995.  Before starting this firm, Nova worked at the Supreme Court, Probate Office, Public Trustee and a number of private commercial law firms.

      Nova has extensive experience in business and commercial law, property transactions, estate planning and the administration of deceased estates.  Nova also has too much experience successfully representing clients in court proceedings,

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Oldfield Legal

In today’s world, an experienced and affordable legal firm is an essential ally in personal or commercial situations.

At Oldfield Legal, we provide personal and commercial legal services, as well as mediation. We cover the metropolitan area of Perth, and are especially conveniently if you live or work south-of-the river, particularly Melville, Cockburn, and Fremantle suburbs.

Oldfield Legal has 18 years experience achieving outstanding results for our clients in such areas including:

Our focus is on solving your problems or preventing a future legal issue. We are passionate about pursuing fairness and seeking success for our clients.

Take action to find out what your rights are in your specific situation, and let Oldfield Legal achieve a great result for you. Call  (08) 9331 5722 Now!

`Our legal services  cover any area in Perth although we are perfectly located to cover O’Connor, Hilton, Fremantle, Willagee, Samson, Kardinya, North Lake, Melville and surrounding suburbs, we are easy to find at our O’Connor address, just off South Street.


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