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Inheritance lawyerAre you troubled by the terms of a Will?

Worried that the deceased may not have had capacity or was subject to undue influence at the time of writing their Will? Well, you do still have rights and options.

If you were you unfairly omitted from a Will or there has been unfair distribution, you can act to receive a fair settlement.

Are you an executor or administrator of an estate subject to demands or claims? We are here to guide you through.

Claiming Superannuation can be a difficult process. We can help you receive what is rightfully yours.

Oldfield Legal can explain your rights and your options in an easy to understand and cost effective way.

Superannuation is a complex area of law and your rights may be limited by time, so if you have any queries or concerns you, obtain advice without delay.

We can provide you with advice and assistance in relation to:

  • Challenging the validity of a Will
  • Defending the Will
  • Debt recovery by executors
  • Claiming a share, or a larger share, from a deceased estate
  • Defending claims against estate assets
  • Defending debtor claims against deceased estates
  • Superannuation claims and appeals


At Oldfield Legal, we can assist executors, beneficiaries and other family and friends in relation to claims regarding inheritance and deceased estates. Acting promptly is the key, delaying can make the process more complex and costly.


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