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Business legal adviseThe law for operating a business in Australia is complex with many potholes your business can fall into. A short meeting with a qualified lawyer and acting on their advice can make the difference between the success and failure of your business.

The business landscape is littered with good companies that have failed because the business owners were unaware of various laws affecting their particular businesses, Those who have unintentionally broken laws find there is no leniency for their lack of knowledge. Being unaware of the laws that affect your business is no excuse or defence. (See case studies)

With Oldfield Legal on your side, we’ll make sure your business isn’t exposed to any unforeseen legal risk. This may only take an hour or two. A consultation with one of our lawyers can significantly reduce your risk profile. Act now, Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Areas of legal Business Advise

  • Documentation to Start or Improve your Business.
  • How the Corporations Act affects your business.
  • Partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, leases, terms and conditions, and more.
  • Do you understand your obligations under the Australian Competition and Consumer Law?
  • Do you understand the contract your supplier or distributor has asked you to sign?
  • We can put your verbal agreements in writing, explain technical legal documents and provide negotiation assistance.
  • Business Succession or Sale.
  • Business acquisition.