Barristers Solicitors Mediators

Located in O'Connor, Perth


+618 9331 5722

  • Upstairs, through the middle front doors, 42 Ladner Street, O’Connor, WA.  The easiest way to reach Ladner Street is from South Street – look for the big red and blue Retravision building!

  • Our normal hours are 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday but we our team are happy to take appointments before or after those times or on the weekends, by prior agreement with our office.

  • Most disputes and legal matters are resolved by agreement rather than a trial, and we will always look for the best solution for you. Court action is the last resort as its expensive and time consuming.

  • No, we are great value because for most of our clients, one appointment is enough for them to have all the information they need to solve the issue themselves.  Court action can be expensive because of the huge amount of work involved, but we work with our clients to do what we can to minimise costs.

  • Yes, depending on the work.  For most work we will need to know what you want us to do before we can tell you what it will cost.

  • Depending on when you want the appointment and how far away you are from our office, we will try to accommodate you.  An additional fee may apply, but we will tell you about that beforehand, so you can decide.

  • There is no requirement to be in the Perth CBD unless your clients are very large corporations with their office in the CBD. Having an office in O’Connor means our overheads are lower so our prices are lower and parking is simple.

  • As a lawyer, so do I!  As far as possible, we use plain language in our letters and emails to you and in our other documents.  Sometimes, we have to use particular legal words to get the right legal outcome for you, but we will explain the meaning of the words and why we have used them.

  • No, but:

    • For fixed fee work, the total fee will usually include all meetings related to that work;
    • Ask about our special offer for first time clients.