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wills lawyer PerthWills

Everyone needs a legal Will. If you own a property or any other assets, preparing a Will assures you that your assets are distributed to the correct people or organisations, according to your wishes.

A Will needs to be prepared by a qualified professional lawyer. If you don’t have a legal Will, the inheritance is distributed according to “legislation”, such as the Administration Act.

In the case of a business, an executor needs to move quickly to preserve it so that the beneficiaries or family are not disadvantaged, and the asset value is maintained. When a Will is not properly prepared, of if there is no Will, what happens to your business may turn into a long, drawn out legal dispute after you’re gone.

Making a Will with Oldfield Legal is easy. Simply fill in a questionnaire that we provide, answer a few questions, and we’ll draw up a fully legal binding Will for you, so you can relax and enjoy your life.


Probate and Letters of Administration

Probate and Letters of Administration is the formal grant of authority from the Supreme Court of Western Australia to manage a deceased estate.

Applications for probate can be complex and without experience it is easy to get caught by technicalities that can cause delay and expense to sort out. Oldfield Legal has many years of experience in obtaining Letters of Administration and Probate. We know all the issues that may arise and can get the process complete in the quickest possible time frame.


Lawyers PerthAdministration of Deceased Estates

We assist executors and administrators to do what is necessary to comply with the law, make sure the wishes of the deceased are recognised, and the estate is distributed to the beneficiaries of the deceased estate in a timely and appropriate manner.

We can help you with all aspects of deceased estates: dealing with debtor claims, handling inheritance claims and identifying beneficiaries.

Oldfield Legal can help you make the best provision for the orderly and appropriate administration of your estate, and the protection and benefit of those who matter most to you.


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