A good contract aids to safeguard
your business
while supporting and promoting
your business interests. 

A bad contract undermines
your business
and can be the difference
between success and failure.

Contracts are legal documents, and a necessary part of everyday business. Business and contract lawyers at Oldfield legal can assist you with an extensive range of contracts and agreements to support your business including;

  • business purchase and sale

  • franchise agreements

  • loans

  • mortgages and finance agreements

  • leases

  • licence agreements

  • agency and distribution agreements

  • terms of trade (for example on invoices and account applications)

  • terms and conditions

  • sub-contracting arrangements

  • website terms of use

  • e-commerce terms and conditions

  • venue hire

  • equipment hire

  • and more....

To find out how we can ensure your contracts work for you and improve the value of your business, contact Oldfield Legal today.

Do you understand the legal implications of the contracts your business currently uses?

Do you know the laws which affect your business operations and how to work with those laws to benefit your business?

Would you like to negotiate better contracts?

Contracts are legal documents which include; agreements with suppliers, distribution arrangements, leases, franchises, sale and purchase agreements, terms of trade with your clients and website terms of use. 

Contracts are legal documents, but also business planning documents.  A good contract records the parties’ agreement and plans for contingencies to ensure business arrangements stay on track and are not derailed by differences in memory or a lack of planning.

Oldfield Legal has many years of experience in business contracts, including:

  • explaining the legal meaning of contracts in plain language;

  • advising the potential commercial implications for your business;

  • providing commercial options for improving contract terms so they are in the best interests of you and your business;

  • negotiating on your behalf with the other parties to achieve the best outcome;

  • providing advice, coaching and support if you handle your own negotiations;

  • drafting contracts to protect and promote your interests;

  • working with all parties to the contract to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes