Advice, Assistance & Representation.

If you have received or have been served with court documents, such as a writ, summons or subpoena then you are you probably going to need legal representation in court. Oldfield Legal has vast experience in court representation, either defending your rights or demanding a fair settlement.

Court action is always the last option, but sometimes you have no choice. That’s when you need strong, experienced legal representation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Know Your Options –  If someone is refusing to remedy a breach of an agreement with you, or you are struggling to recover debts contact the team at Oldfield Legal.

Oldfield Legal can:

Advise you of your options, assist you to represent yourself in court, or take action on your behalf and fight for your rights.

Work with you to explore the full range of solutions that best meet your needs and circumstances, achieving the best practical, commercial and legal outcomes.

Oldfield Legal can assist you in the:

  • WA State Administrative Tribunal

  • Magistrates Courts – Perth, metropolitan suburbs and regional WA

  • District Court of WA

  • Supreme Court of WA

  • Court of Appeal of WA

  • High Court