Full disclosure and no hidden costs

At Oldfield Legal we pride ourselves on good communication and transparency. We understand for some people seeking legal advice can be stressful.
At Oldfield Legal, we aim to take the stress out of seeking legal advice. Our clients come to us seeking peace of mind and to know their legal position. We want to make the decision, to seek the assistance of a legal professional, a positive experience for our clients.

Oldfield Legal provides a full and detailed costs outline to our clients prior to commencing legal work. In your initial meeting, our lawyers will assess your individual legal position and desired outcome. A full and detailed outline of your various legal options and costs associated with each option will be provided to you prior to any work commencing. Our experienced legal team will wait for confirmation from you, then accepting legal representation.

“At Oldfield Legal we value our clients. It is important to us from both a legal and ethical standpoint that our clients are well informed, and lawyers remain mindful of both the trust the clients place in them and their duty in representing their client.”
Nova Oldfield (Director)

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